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Moving Web sites to New Servers

When ever I move a client’s site to our hosting servers, I get myself all worked up.

Static sites are not too complex, copy down to local computer and upload to new servers.

Database driven sites, like WordPress, always make me a little paranoid.  Wordpress offers […]

All of your networks are social…

… even the ones you think are “just social”.

Many clients tell me that they are reluctant to join Social Networks for business because they do not want to bump into old high school and college acquaintances.  Well… let me tell you… I’ve been hired by both.  So […]

Facebook vs. LinkedIn

The majority of my seminars focus on the why and how of Social Media Marketing via two tools, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Most business owners “get” LinkedIn – but when you compare them side by side, you can see how both tools can be very useful.

What can a Facebook Fan Page do for your business?

Facebook fan pages (a.k.s Public Profile Pages) are a special space within Facebook that is dedicated to your business.  It acts like a small, but very powerful web site. 

These pages are easily shared among members of Facebook.  Public profiles are also indexed by the search engines and […]

How Not For Profits Can Succeed Online – Part 2 Social Networking

Concerned about how your not for profit can succeed online?  Get on social networks. Social Networking has become extremely popular for one primary reason…  People want to connect.  Social networking sites have given people the ability to exchange ideas and information with other like-minded individuals.   They can gather […]

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