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Website Design

A website is an extension of your business. 

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Your website should coincide with your current marketing plan, increase your profitability and your productivity. We take all of those factors into account during the web design process.

You only get one chance to make a first impression – make sure that your web site properly reflects your business philosophy and highlights the aspects of your company that make you unique.

Local Marketing

Local Marketing helps to ensure you will be found online and off.

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You need your information to be easy to read — both for customers and for crawlers. Local Pages are built according to industry standards and best practices. The key to local SEO is making sure your data is consistent everywhere. When someone searches online for a local business, search engines and mobile apps rely on location data from these data sources to provide the results. If your listing data is incorrect or inconsistent between any of these sources, your listing might not show up in the search results.

Audience Analytics

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is mix of art and science.

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Connect with new prospective customers. Increase brand awareness. Create an active, engaged community around your business brand and fill your sales funnel.

The team at NewWard Development, LLC™ will help you leverage the popularity of social media to increase your audience and – most importantly – your conversions. Our job is to make Your Website Your Best Employee and the Internet Work for YOU™ !

Web Hosting

Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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Server Monitoring

Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our monitoring stations are setup to query our servers every 5 minutes and report any problems to our administrators.

Daily Backups

As a value added service for our customers, all our servers utilize a continuous data protection service which takes a snapshot of your data and stores it in our storage area network array. In the event of a data loss, unintentional or accidental, we are able to restore our data from backups.

We offer website hosting packages to meet the needs of small businesses to enterprise level. Custom website hosting packages are available.

Consulting & Training

Hire a Marketing Consultant to help you plan, and execute an effective marketing plan.

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  • Do you need help developing a strategy?
  • Increase conversions?
  • Want someone to brainstorm with you on where you are and how to reach your goals?

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