Facebook vs. LinkedIn

The majority of my seminars focus on the why and how of Social Media Marketing via two tools, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Most business owners “get” LinkedIn – but when you compare them side by side, you can see how both tools can be very useful.

LinkedIn:  The online resume with gusto! 

Not only do you have the opportunity to share your past experiences with people you connect to, but you have the opportunity to tell them where you are going (or want to go) and why.  In the summary section, write about your why and give your connections the opportunity to gain some insight into your work.

LinkedIn is the ultimate recommendation letter.  A few rules here though… only ask for recommendations from people who you have actually worked with and only agree to give recommendation to the same.  If you recommend every person you are connected to, not only are you being less then honest, but you dilute the purpose of a recommendation and your word.

Participate in the Answers section and show off your expertise. 

Facebook:  Networking the whole you!

Facebook offers the above and a level or two more.  In Facebook you can share pictures, links, directly communicate with your connections publicly and offer greater insight to you – all of you, the person behind the business. 

In other words, you are networking the whole of who you are.  Like motorcycles, share it… avid reader, let your connections know.  Facebook allows your connections to get a closer glimpse of your who, what, when, where and most importantly why.  Facebook also offers fan pages:  Public profiles that focus on your brand, product or service.  IF you are an author, start a fan page for yourself and one for your book.  Niche away – just keep the pages active and engaging to encourage fan participation and create some advocates.

In my opinion, you need both – one to serve as an introduction to you and your business and the other to build closer connections with those you hope to help and do business with.

There are a ton of other tools out there… start with these and build up into your comfort zone, then look for more.



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