When ever I move a client’s site to our hosting servers, I get myself all worked up.

Static sites are not too complex, copy down to local computer and upload to new servers.

Database driven sites, like WordPress, always make me a little paranoid.  Wordpress offers some best practices on moving the site, but something always seems to go wrong.

Key in the process is backing up the database.  Where I’ve run into problems is with plug in settings that don’t seem to carry over.  I ran into this with the Contact-7 plug in and ended up having to redo the entire thing.   I copied down the entire plug in directory and uploaded it to the new servers and got nada!  Oh well, at least it was an easy fix.

My problem is that I want everything to be perfect.  I do not want the client to miss a beat or see any down time.  I set up wordpress, upload the theme, plug ins and database files, then change the DNS to let the domain propagate over to our servers.   85% the process goes smoothly, but every once in a while I get a little surprise.

It’s nice to know, I suppose, that I am still learning after 10 years in business.