Social Media Optimization

Most Internet users have heard of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) but the new “buzz word” in the Internet Marketing world is Social Media Optimization (SMO). SMO tactics are used to drive large amounts of people to a web site through new […]

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The Death of Email Marketing

You’ve probably seen more than one of those “Death of…”
reports lately… but there is one method online that
will never die.

Email marketing.

You see, all the guru’s talk about the ‘changes’ taking
place online and how a lot of methods that worked
a few years, even a few months ago (!) […]

2017-02-08T06:20:25-05:00By |Marketing|

Free Animated Gifs

This one creates those ‘loading’ animated gifs you see when you are waiting for things to load on a web page… they don’t really do anything, but they give your visitors something to look at while the page is loading …

You can create your own animated gif’s […]

2015-02-23T16:06:33-05:00By |Website Design|

MySpace joins Google’s OpenSocial

Google announced today that MySpace has joined OpenSocial.  MySpace is in good company, other social networking sites currently in OpenSocial include Linked in, orkut, Slide & Ning.  The question still remains as to whether or not Facebook will join.

OpenSocial is a set or API’s (application programming interface) […]

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Free Page Strength Analysis has developed a fantastic tool that calculates something they call “Page Strength” which can be used in to gauge the importance and visibility of any Website or Webpage.  Page Strength score is probably a much more accurate reflection of a Websites importance than Alexa Rank or […]

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