Sun Microsystems Inc. agreed to acquire MySQL AB

Sun Microsystems Inc.said Wednesday it agreed to acquire MySQL AB, developer of one of the world’s fastest growing open source databases, for about $1 billion.

Santa Clara-based Sun (NASDAQ:JAVA) said the acquisition accelerates its position in enterprise IT to now include the database market.

With millions of global deployments […]

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What is Satellite Content?

Satellite Content is content you post outside of your regular web site on MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo and other 3rd party social marketing sites.    This can supply steady stream of long term targeted traffic to your web site.

On all sites that you post on, include links back to […]

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Setting Your Web Site Goals

It’s traditional to approach the New Year with a list of goals.  We set goals for our health, our fitness, our relationships and our finances and business.  When thinking about your business and financial goals consider how a web […]

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Are you on YouTube?

Do you have digital camcorder?  If so, put it to work for you!  A 2 or 3 min. video will let your potential customers get to know your face and voice.  Talk to them, share your insights with them and reap the benefits of “putting yourself out […]

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Is Your Host Blacklisted?

When you’re on a shared server it’s important to find out if anyone else on your server has been blacklisted for spamming.


Because on a shared server you’re IP address and their IP address will be the same, and it does not matter if your domain name is […]

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