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What can a Facebook Fan Page do for your business?

Facebook fan pages (a.k.s Public Profile Pages) are a special space within Facebook that is dedicated to your business.  It acts like a small, but very powerful web site.  These pages are easily shared among members of Facebook.  Public profiles are also indexed by the search engines and easily viewed by anyone on the Internet. Through the Insights, you can drill down and see the demographics of your fans.  What percent are male vs. female, age groups, what cities are they located in and predominant language.  You can also see what your post quality score is.  Post quality measures how engaging your posts have been to Facebook users over a seven-day window.  Your Post Quality is determined by the percentage of your fans that engage when you post content to your Page. It is calculated on a rolling seven-day basis. The number of stars depends on how your Post Quality compares to similar Pages (for example, Pages that have a similar number of fans.) Engaging fans through your page entails providing relevant, engaging information that encourages participation.  Ask questions, offer the opportunity for your fans to provide feedback.  Allow fans to post questions and interact with your business.   Status updates, notes, wall posts, photos, videos, all flow into the news feed, keeping your fans abreast of the latest updates to your page.  Providing engaging content is the best way to get fans to interact with your page.  Custom tabs and boxes can be created to further engage your fans and encourage new fans to join.  You can offer Facebook only promotions, fan only specials or simply show your fans the goods and services you offer through a custom tab or box.  Using eye catching graphics [...]

7 Non-negotiable Social Networking Rules

1)  Profiles are Personal - Facebook, LinkedIn, etc... profiles are about you.  Use a picture of yourself, talk about yourself, whether it's related to work or it's social.  Your logo is not you - your business is not you.  You may be there to network and promote your business, but people want to do business with people. Image by elycefeliz via Flickr 2)  Stop selling me- Don't talk about how good your "widget" is.  Don't pitch me or tell me that your service can gross me $10,000 a month.  Talk to me, share with me, teach me and I'll listen.  If I like what you have to share, I will come to you for the sale. 3)  I don't NEED your product/service - I need air to breath, food & water to sustain myself, and people to love and love me back, that's about it.  I'll decide if I WANT your product or service based on the value of the conversation we have. 4)  Truth and Transparency - be honest in your opinions and insights.  Own them - show me the real you and you will win my respect and earn my trust even if I do not agree with you. 5)  Move out of "Spam-a-lot" - If I haven't said yes yet, you can stop emailing me, really.  I'll ask you to stop sending me stuff once, if you don't listen - I will remove you as a connection. 6)  The Opt-In is Mine:  Did I opt into your mailing list or did you add me on your own?  If I didn't opt in, there was a reason, do not ever make that decision for me. 7)  Strive to make Connections not Sales:  You and I [...]

Should my Facebook profile be named after my business?

Image via CrunchBase The short answer is no.  People want to do business with people.  The whole point of entering the social networking realm is to make personal connections and build your business.  While brand recognition is important, it is not as important as connecting with your customers and prospective customers.  When I look at a Facebook profile and see a business name, I feel like the person behind the page is hiding behind their logo.  It does not convey that trusting feeling that would make me jump to do business with you. My advice is to create a personal profile and then create a page or a group around your business or products and services.  You are not your business.  You have other interests that you can share with your customers.  You can tell by my profile that I like snowmobiling, own a motorcycle, have kids, etc…  That makes me “human” to the people who will approach me for web consulting.  If I solely focused on NewWard then many of the connections I have made would have never come to fruition.  Be you first – sell second and always be genuine. Who are you online?

Why Giants Fall

    The news is littered with the potential demise of the icons of corporate America.  Citigroup, GM, and the like have fallen pray to the financial markets, economic uncertainty, the “recession”…. or have they?  Here is the question I pose… Where is the accountability?   These institutions have been around for decades getting fat, bloated and lazy.  They have a sense of entitlement that no other businesses in the world embrace.  Stock prices fall, liquidity is at a minimum and they fret that they will have to sell off a piece of their over sized pot of possessions to remain afloat.  (Hang on, let me get out my violin…) If I went to the government and asked to be saved because I made bad decisions, failed to take advantage of new markets and forgot to listen to my customers, I’d be laughed off the steps of the capitol!   OK – so I don’t employ thousands of workers, nor do I have a billion dollar budget, but in the big scheme of things, should really that matter? I say let the giants fall!  If the directors of these corporations haven’t “gotten it” by now, my guess is, they never will.  Let the shift in the markets take place – isn’t that what free, open commerce is about?  What we are witnessing is nothing more then the natural attrition of business.  Those that maintain top place do so deservingly, by maintaining a standard of excellence to the public and behind closed doors.  Businesses that shut down, get bought out, eaten up or simply vanish are victims of their own short sightedness and by all rights should get out of the way so something or someone bigger and [...]

How Inspiring is Your Story? I Challange You to Share it!

Do you have the wherewithal to inspire one person to do business with you and/or become an advocate for your mission?  Most of us underestimate the real power we have in our story.  We have been taught from birth to be modest in our approach to others.  Be seen and not heard Don’t be boastful Modesty is a virtue No it’s not.  There is nothing virtuous about hiding your light under a bush.  It is useless to be seen and not heard.  If you aren’t proud of your work and your accomplishments, who will be? If your goal is to make valuable connections, build profitable and sound relationships you must share your story! Here my challenge to you: Tell me your story.  Give me something to move me into action, the BEST that you have. Fire away… I’ll catch up with comments left when I return this afternoon. Edit:  Yes, there actually is a point to this, but I am not telling you what it is yet!    

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