1)  Profiles are PersonalFacebook, LinkedIn, etc… profiles are about you.  Use a picture of yourself, talk about yourself, whether it’s related to work or it’s social.  Your logo is not you – your business is not you.  You may be there to network and promote your business, but people want to do business with people.

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2)  Stop selling me– Don’t talk about how good your “widget” is.  Don’t pitch me or tell me that your service can gross me $10,000 a month.  Talk to me, share with me, teach me and I’ll listen.  If I like what you have to share, I will come to you for the sale.

3)  I don’t NEED your product/service – I need air to breath, food & water to sustain myself, and people to love and love me back, that’s about it.  I’ll decide if I WANT your product or service based on the value of the conversation we have.

4)  Truth and Transparency – be honest in your opinions and insights.  Own them – show me the real you and you will win my respect and earn my trust even if I do not agree with you.

5)  Move out of “Spam-a-lot” – If I haven’t said yes yet, you can stop emailing me, really.  I’ll ask you to stop sending me stuff once, if you don’t listen – I will remove you as a connection.

6)  The Opt-In is Mine:  Did I opt into your mailing list or did you add me on your own?  If I didn’t opt in, there was a reason, do not ever make that decision for me.

7)  Strive to make Connections not Sales:  You and I may never have a direct consumer / vendor relationship.  That does not mean that we don’t know other people that our products / services could benefit.  It also doesn’t mean we should not talk to each other.   If you are in the conversation for the benefit of the community, I will share your insights with the connections I think will benefit from them. 

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