Do you have the wherewithal to inspire one person to do business with you and/or become an advocate for your mission?

 Most of us underestimate the real power we have in our story. 

We have been taught from birth to be modest in our approach to others. 

  • Be seen and not heard
  • Don’t be boastful
  • Modesty is a virtue

No it’s not. 

There is nothing virtuous about hiding your light under a bush.  It is useless to be seen and not heard.  If you aren’t proud of your work and your accomplishments, who will be?

If your goal is to make valuable connections, build profitable and sound relationships you must share your story!

Here my challenge to you:
Tell me your story.  Give me something to move me into action, the BEST that you have.

Fire away… I’ll catch up with comments left when I return this afternoon.

Edit:  Yes, there actually is a point to this, but I am not telling you what it is yet!