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Melissa can often be found at the front of a room giving a presentation or hands on training session in one of many areas of Social Media Marketing. Melissa's role is to train businesses how to use Social Media Sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc), to get into the “conversation” with the right audience. She also creates and implements Social Media Marketing Strategies on behalf of her clients.

Quick Facebook Fan Page Tip

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is that they do not get notified if someone comments on a Fan page post. The easy way around that is to "Like" the post. Once you Like it, you will be emailed when another fan comments on it.

How to Remove a Facebook Fan Page Admin

Facebook has made a major change in Fan page administration.  The site now allows other admins to remove the "owner" admin from a Fan Page. The advantage of this move is, if you are an employer who has a company fan page created by an employee, you can now remove that person as the owner.  I've had many questions from business owners over the years on that topic alone. The DISadvantage is, if you created your own company page and invited in other admins, you can get the boot as well. Now, more then ever, it is imperative that you allow trusted people to administer your fan page with you.  Partnering with honorable vendors and employees will ensure that your fan page remains under your control. To remove an admin: Click on Settings - on the far right corner In the right side column you will see Page Roles From there, you will see a list of agencies or individuals you have given access to. Click on Edit of the person you no longer want administering your page, then Remove Best practice:  Despite the change, I still recommend that you create your own fan page and invite your vendor or employee as an editor, monitor or even administrator to customize it or help maintain it.   You never know what future changes will be coming down the line. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us for Facebook assistance. 

Why Should Your Business Use Social Media?

Image by Yann Ropars via Flickr More and more businesses are using social media to get in front of their target audience.  It makes sense, if you are "out there" more, more people can find you.  But Social Media goes beyond that. Being present in Social Media gives you more time to listen.  You can keep an ear (or eye) on what other people are saying about your brand.    It is commonly referred to as Brand Monitoring. Third party sites (or in some cases other people) may create a profile for your business.  By entering into Social Media you can own your brand's profile.   For example, I have a client who is an attorney.   When we googled his name, we found profiles for him on and  He has to create a log in on those sites to "own" those profiles and be notified of reviews and other interactions with his profile.  Ditto for Yelp.  Restaurant clients have found listings on Yelp that they were not even aware of.  They must join the site to be able to respond to any reviews. According to the Social Media Marketing Report for 2010, marketers are seeing a significant increase in web traffic with only a few hours of time invested per week.   They also have a noticeable increase in their search engine rankings and are able to track deals that were closed due to their participation in the Social Media space.   B2C's tend to participate more on Facebook and B2B's focus more time on LinkedIn. The most common combination of efforts take place on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs.  More companies are looking to forums to create smaller consumer driven social networks that are specific to their [...]

Facebook Fan Page Custom Landing Tabs

Edit:  Facebook has restored custom landing tabs Facebook changed the rules again... Fan pages with less then 10,000 fans (likes) can no longer set up a custom landing page for people who are not yet fans.   There are only two choices the Wall tab or the Info Tab.  Tough call - but I vote for the Info tab....Why?  You can still put custom content and hyperlinks into the fields and somewhat direct people on where to go.  While you can not insert graphics, you can control the flow of traffic to an extent. Adding a link to what WAS your landing page may encourage not yet fans to check out the additional information you are offering.  Let's keep in mind that we can still have custom tabs and boxes, it's just no longer the first thing people see when they come to the page. A second alternative is to set up a custom box on the wall tab that sits right under your fan list so that it is above the fold and obvious to anyone who visits your Page's wall. You can still reference your custom tabs in various ways, it will just require some additional strategic thinking.  For example in posts around the web, in your blog, etc you can say Click Here to see our Facebook only specials and send traffic to your fan page to encourage not yet fans to join. The change does should give you some food for thought... where is your HOME BASE?  Let's keep in mind that at the end of the day the goal is to funnel all traffic into a particular location (typically your web site) depending on what you are marketing and to whom.  If your goal is [...]

Facebook Privacy – The Magic is in the Friends Lists!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling....  and so went Chicken little running through town,  do you remember how he ended up? Lets get a hold of ourselves and see what's what before we all start panicking and running like a chicken without a head on. Image by alancleaver_2000 via Flickr First: Concerning Facebook Social Plug ins:  They carry with them the privacy settings that you have set in Facebook.  If you "like" a page, mention something on your wall, etc... web sites that have the Social plug in installed will be able to pull that information from Facebook and show it on their site.  Let's say Mary shares a link on her wall to a cool web site.  That web site has the activity plug in installed - when Mary goes back to that web page, she sees her face in the plug in box.  What Mary doesn't realize is that the people she allows to see her activity with in Facebook are the ONLY people who can also see her face. Does that make sense? Do you see the Fan Page box on the right of this page?  It shows the number of fans the NewWard fan page has - but depending on people's privacy settings, you do not see all of their faces.  Compredne? Ok - let's talk bigger stuff... Mashable has a great post on the essential Facebook Privacy Settings The magic word here is LISTS - the most powerful and yet under utilized tool in Facebook.  Take all of your friends and divvy them into lists. Here is a snap shot of my profile privacy - NOTE:  Mine is probably more open then most and the only network I belong to is my [...]

Add a Facebook “Like” button to your Web Site

By adding a like button to your web site, you allow Facebook users to share your content on their Facebook Wall. Like buttons outside of Facebook work the same as they do within Facebook.  When a user clicks the like button, the link to the "liked" page appears on their wall.   The idea, of course, is to encourage Facebook users to share more outside content with the Facebook Community. It works for you, as it gives you the opportunity to get more viral hits from the Facebook community. Goto Facebook's Social Plug in's page and select "Like Button": Enter in the URL of the page you want the button to appear on:  I used to put a Like button on this blog. You can customize the appearance settings,  I made the button narrower at 300 px. You can also change the word "Like" to "Recommend" Click on get code I used the iFrame Code and plugged it into the sidebar of the blog (see upper right) You can have your web developer add the button to static web pages, or any where on your web site. And Boom!  Instant Like Button :) Give it a try.  Let me know how you make out.... any place else you'd put a "Like" button?

How to Create a Custom User Name for your Facebook Fan Page

This post is for me as much as for all of you... I constantly forget the Facebook Username link... Go to The Facebook User Name Page: (easy enough to remember... right?) If you already set your PERSONAL user name you will see this: Click on Set a Username for your Pages and select the page you want to name from the drop down list: Type in the name and click on Check Availability... NOTE: Once you have selected a user name it CAN NOT BE CHANGED so chose wisely! * Where UserName you entered is the user name you just typed in and Your Page Name is the page you are creating a user name for. Click Confirm and wa-la, you are done! Also note that you need to have at least 50 fans to create a user name, otherwise Facebook will tell you your page does not qualify. Now  - go play!

Social Media Can Make Tax Time Fun!?!

Let's face it taxes are a necessary evil.  No one wants to do them, think about them or pay them.  So how do income tax prep services get us engaged in their brand without reminding us how crappy taxes are? A while back I read Jason Fall's case study on H&R Block.  I found it interesting, but in following H&R Block around for a while, I am still looking for the "whooo hooo" factor.   They have a presence in several spaces, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life (which is cool) and YouTube, although none of those links are on the web site. I decided it would be fun to look at what the competition is up to and how they are engaging their prospective customers. Liberty Tax Facebook Twitter YouTube Online Community (P.S.  Kudos for addressing a complaint on your forum and in public! Well done!) Campaign:  Liberty Tax is hunting for the next Lady Liberty.  Applicants have to fill out a form and post a video to YouTube on why they should be the next Lady Liberty.  The new lady liberty will take office June 1st and be employed by Liberty Tax for one year. The ups:  People are posting video's on YouTube by the droves to get in on the $50,000 salary.   The Lady Liberty YouTube Channel is fun to watch. The Down's:  We can't vote, the "general population" can do little more then comment. The Lesson:  Let go guys - "we the people" love thinking our opinion counts.  It may be your image - but we count more:)~ Jackson Hewitt Facebook Twitter YouTube Blog Jackson Hewitt has battled its share of issues this season.  Top that off with a boring YouTube Channel (although finding out more [...]

Updates to Facebook’s Privacy Policy

Facebook has updated their privacy policy and statement of rights and responsibilities once again.  Nothing really struck me as "big" when I read through them.  As a matter of fact, they were quite clean and more transparent then I've seen in the past.  Here are a few highlights: " Even after you remove information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that information may remain viewable elsewhere to the extent it has been shared with others, it was otherwise distributed pursuant to your privacy settings, or it was copied or stored by other users" Translation:  It's important to note that if you post something then remove it, or even delete your account - that post may still exist.  Lesson:  Don't post anything that can bite you later or that potentially compromises your own copyrights. "we do not own or operate the applications or websites that use Facebook Platform. That means that when you use those applications and websites you are making your Facebook information available to someone other than Facebook." "When you connect with an application or website it will have access to General Information about you. The term General Information includes your and your friends’ names, profile pictures, gender, connections, and any content shared using the Everyone privacy setting." "If your friend connects with an application or website, it will be able to access your name, profile picture, gender, user ID, and information you have shared with “everyone.” It will also be able to access your connections, except it will not be able to access your friend list" Translation:  When you play a game, take a quiz, use an application - it collects demographic information about you AND your friends.  If you have specifically blocked [...]

What Does Your Blog Say?

I decided to let my blog speak for itself and see what it came up with... you can do the same at Check out my  Word cloud made with WordItOut