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Melissa can often be found at the front of a room giving a presentation or hands on training session in one of many areas of Social Media Marketing. Melissa's role is to train businesses how to use Social Media Sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc), to get into the “conversation” with the right audience. She also creates and implements Social Media Marketing Strategies on behalf of her clients.

Facebook Changes – Fast and Furious

Isn’t it fun to wake up and have everything turned upside down and inside out? Well, let’s see if we can clear up a few things.

The New Facebook Newsfeed Page: When you first log in, you see your “top stories”. These are the stories Facebook thinks you […]

Giving Thanks

Imagine how wonderful it would feel to receive a random thank you just for participating in the community.

Here’s your homework starting next week:

Make note of status updates throughout the week that resonate with you.  Maybe it’s a cool quote, a new pearl of wisdom, something that made […]

Why Bother With Social Media?

The telephone has become such a common fixture in our society that we use it without giving it a second thought.  Be honest, have you ever said yourself, “I have no time to use the phone.”?  Email has become a similar commonality in our everyday lives.  Whether […]

Moving Web sites to New Servers

When ever I move a client’s site to our hosting servers, I get myself all worked up.

Static sites are not too complex, copy down to local computer and upload to new servers.

Database driven sites, like WordPress, always make me a little paranoid.  Wordpress offers […]

The Rules of Engagement

As we close the door on 2010 and open to 2011, I have a thought I’d like to share…

There are still a lot of people doing it wrong.

Social Media Landscape
Image by […]
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