The Creation of Community

It’s easy to talk about the mechanics of marketing yourself online.  The “how to’s” in setting up profile pages, twitter accounts, fan pages and the like.  What is more difficult is explaining the how you should go about marketing yourself.  On one hand, the concept is simple, […]

How to Create a Custom Facebook Fan Page

You’ve seen one fan page, you’ve seen them all – right? 


Facebook Fan pages can be customized to give your fans (and not yet fans) an experience that is unique to your business and style.

First step is to give fans and not yet fans two seperate landing pages […]

A Social Media Experiment – Your Thoughts?

A Social Media Experiment.

On all of the social media sites I can be found on I have a photo of me.  It is my “avatar”, my face, my “brand”.  I will tweak them once in a while, make a change, update it usually with little or no […]

The NEW Facebook Fan Page

The first thing you need to know about the new Facebook Fan Pages is that they are open to the public.  People no longer need to be a member of Facebook to be able to see your business / organization’s fan page.  This, in my opinion, is […]

Marketing across the Generations

My father loves telling stories about when he was a kid.  The whole family would gather in the living room and listen to the radio.  Back then (he was born in 1927) radio wasn’t about music, it was about stories.  Everyone in the room would be silent […]

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