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Melissa can often be found at the front of a room giving a presentation or hands on training session in one of many areas of Social Media Marketing. Melissa's role is to train businesses how to use Social Media Sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc), to get into the “conversation” with the right audience. She also creates and implements Social Media Marketing Strategies on behalf of her clients.

An evening with Peter Shankman: Inaugural Social Media Club of Tech Valley Event

The big take aways: Transparency Relevance / Ask your audience how they want to receive information Brevity / Learn to write Top of mind Sponsored in part by NewWard Development, LLC. Visit the Social Media Club of  Tech Valley to learn more or visit us on Facebook! Related articles Come meet Peter Shankman at Union College ( Social media | you can't buy friends or loyalty ( Facebook's New Profiles - A Shot through the Heart of LinkedIn? (

Avoid Reply All in “Mass” Facebook Emails

Help a girl out... will ya? I don't mind those Facebook emails that get sent out to 25 people.  What I do mind is the "Reply All's"  I get in return.  I don't need to see everyone's responses (I don't want to either). So - here's a tip to reply to only the person who sent the mail: At the top of the email there is "Reply" in text form.  Use this instead of the reply at the bottom of the email message to respond to only the original author. See how easy that was? Related articles Facebook Page Admins Can't Reply To Fan Comments (

Facebook Places and Deals

Have you claimed your business on Facebook yet? It's fairly simple.  Search for your business and select the one with the pin next to it When you get to the Places Page - click on "Is this your business?" And verify you are a legal representative of the company. From there you fill out a form with all the business contact information, address, web site, email, phone number, third party review site (such as Yelp), etc.  Facebook also requires a utility bill or something with the Company Name on it and the address you listed. Once that information is submitted, Facebook will send you an email confirming the information has been received and will send another once it's all verified. When Facebook considers your business "legit" you can set up a "Deal" if you are in the Beta area.  Facebook Deals are similar to Four-Square rewards.  You can give rewards based on number of check ins, number of people checking in with you and other combinations. There are four types of deals: Individual: Check in and receive 10% of any purchase Friend:  Check in with 5 friends and each will receive a free scarf Loyalty:  Check in 10 times to get a $10 coupon (this is a biggie) Charity:  Check in and we will donate $5 to the Ronald McDonald House A visitor checks into your place of business on Facebook, and the Facebook Deals coupon will show up on their phone.  The visitor shows the cashier the coupon and gets their discount, free goodies, OR you donate a % to charity. You can set rules and restrictions on the Deal. Limit the number of Deals available (the first 50 check in's get the deal) Set a time frame for the Deal [...]

Location Location Location – Using Google Places

You want me to put my business on another web site?  YES Why?  It's free (there's more) Google Places offers local businesses a free listing, with map pin and all the little details (including coupons) for free. It's a great way to get noticed on the top of a search page and the analytics Google provides are quite good. Take a peek at this video and then head over to  See our listing as a sample NewWard Development on Google Places Imagine how you can promote a whole community..... ?

Faucets and Filters – The Impact of Water: Blog Action Day

As I kid, I can remember the Sesame Street song telling me to shut off the water while I brush my teeth.   It seemed silly to me at the time.  After all, how much am I really saving in just my one little house? Little did I know. If my little house and the house next door and the house down the street, and so on and so on and so on, all saved a little water every day, that turns into a lot of water being preserved. Being a part of a Rotary club is the same theory.  It's not just one club, but thousands of clubs across the globe that band together under one umbrella to accomplish amazing things. Rotary International has proclaimed water purification to be the key challenge of the coming decade. To meet minimum world health goals, 125,000 people a day for the next 13 years will need to have access to safe water. Each year, 1.8 million people (90% of them children under 5 years old) die from preventable diarrheal diseases. Rotary has asked every club to identify a project associated with providing safe water in some part of the world. In my district of 43 clubs, there are water projects in Honduras, Haiti, China, El Savadore, and Pakistan.    Rotary water projects involve bringing in a slow sand filtration system that can be managed by the local population.    One club in our district , the Glens Falls Rotary, partnered with 74 other clubs, 4 districts, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, and Pure Water for the World, to combine funds and efforts to provide 2,500 bio-sand filters to serve 15,000 people with clean drinking water in Choluteca, Honduras. And that's just one project. Several factors [...]

What happens when you “Re-brand” then really screw up?

I have watched the whole Gap fiasco with interest. For those of you who don't know, GAP quietly launched a new logo last week.  The onslaught of responses they received forced the company to bring its old logo back.   They took a "we were only joking" sort of approach.  But that isn't the bad part, as I see it. On the GAP fan page, the admins put out a request for people to submit a logo they felt was representative of the company.  That's when the shit hit the fan.  Although some people did reply with design ideas, the majority of the comments reflected extreme offense at a major brand trying to get a cheap logo designed by its fan base. The response forced GAP to pull back again, with this response.  Basically saying "Thanks for your passion, we're keeping our logo."  Ignoring the fact that they pissed off every graphic designer on the planet. This whole story came at an interesting time for me.  I had just returned from a Rotary conference where the discussion on changing the Rotary wheel logo came up.  The Rotary wheel has been an icon for its members, the question is, does it mean anything to anyone else?   Rotary has managed to dilute its brand by having a dozen or so different logos for its programs, annual themes which force people to forget the "Service Above Self" tag line and other various marketing snafus.   As with most organizations, Rotary is trying to "spruce up" its image to stand out and capture the attention of the (busy) community service-minded people.   I am not sure revamping the logo is the right answer, but they do need an image overhaul... [...]

Blog Action Day – Clean Water

This years blog action day, October 15th is focused on Clean Water. To participate, register at Blog Action Day 2010, write and post about clean water.  The importance of clean water, a clean water project you are a part of... anything you choose.  The idea is to get the world focused on a central issue that needs to be addressed. For me... I will be writing about my Rotary District's involvement in Clean Water projects in Haiti, Brazil and China.  Help out by visiting and check out this video:

Facebook Fan Page SEO Tip

When you attach a link to your fan page, Facebook makes it an indirect link, but if you write the raw link in your status (not attached) it becomes a direct link. See examples 1 and 2 here Also, make sure to take the time to add a "Like" button to your web site.  Stats prove there is an increase in traffic (now, go convert them): More Facebook SEO Tips Facebook Fan Pages vs. Groups for Marketing and SEO ( SEO Company Says Get On-Board with Facebook's Social Search Engine ( 3 Less Known but Effective Ways to Share Your Facebook Page (

4 Tips on How to make your Off Line Radio Interview Viral

Image by onkel_wart via Flickr Hopefully you have had the opportunity to sit in a real radio studio and do a live on air interview. A good host will keep the conversation lively, ask questions, maintain the interest of listener and elicit great information out of you. I had a fabulous time with Lisbeth Calandrino on her Red Hot Customer Service program.  But it doesn’t end there. When you walk out of the studio there are ways to use that interview to garner some online attention as well. Most studios have digital equipment. This allows them to record and store the interview. Make sure you get a copy. Break the interview up into 5 – 7 min clips and use them as a pod cast series in your blog.  I use Goldwave. It’s free and does a hell of a job. Get yourself an itunes account, if you don’t already have one, and submit your feed for a syndicated podcast. You can use the pre-edited sound clips in your Blog Talk Radio show, just upload them through your control panel. While at the studio, take pictures of your host, the sound booth and get a few of yourself. You can take those pictures and add the sound for 5 – 7 min videos. Upload them to YouTube and embed them in your blog. Once the sound file / video file is on any of these networks or your blog, you can share it with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking and book-marking sites, making it viral and giving you more exposure. Have you done radio interviews?  How did you share your pearls of wisdom online?