Isn’t it fun to wake up and have everything turned upside down and inside out? Well, let’s see if we can clear up a few things.

The New Facebook Newsfeed Page: When you first log in, you see your “top stories”. These are the stories Facebook thinks you are most interested in based on your interactions, how many people liked and commented on it and who you have listed in your “Close Friends” list. If you haven’t visited in a while, the top of that page will have photos (I like to new photo album layout) and status updates. These stories are marked with a blue corner.

You can remove something from Top stories by hovering over it and clicking on the little down pointing arrow that shows up.

To Edit the News Feed stories – hover over newsfeed in the left hand column and click on edit. From here you can chose to hide (or unhide) stories.

The right hand “ticker”: Your most recent updates are now constantly scrolling in a window on the right hand side, very Twitter like. You can’t close the ticker window, but you can hide it by moving the scroll bar. To view a story in the ticket window, just hover over it. You can also hide a story by clicking on the little down arrow. While Facebook says your privacy settings have not been changed, you should take a peek at them and make sure you control what updates of yours show up in the ticker window.

Changes to Pages:
The most noticeable one is ”Friend Activity”. This shows you how your friends have interacted with the page.

More to come…

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