Let’s face it, when it comes to going “viral” there are few tools that out pace social media.  The exact tools may differ, but with passion behind the project, goals outlined and a good strategy, social media can increase awareness and fund raising.


Brooklyn Autism: A great case study, Reported ROI = $25 dollars for every dollar spent:

Help Hadassah Heal:  Raising $2,500 in 48 hours.

California Parks Foundation:  how the CPF built a successful Facebook Fan Page

Autism Speaks – Using Social media top promote events

How one man raised $91,000 for Charity:  the story of 12Kfor12K challenge

The above illustrates how the use of tools like, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, in particular help increase advocacy among Not for Profits.  It’s never about asking for money, it’s always about getting people to believe in your mission.  Once you have them by the heart, the dollars will follow.

What tools have you used in your NFP Social Media campaigns?