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From Your Blog to Twitter to Facebook in 1 Shot

I love tools that give me maximum exposure with minimal effort.  I use Twitter Feed ( to move posts from my blog to my twitter profile.  My twitter profile links into my Facebook status - and poof - one writing is now in front of hundreds (dare I say thousands) of people. Twitter Feed checks my blog hourly for new posts (you can adjust the time span) and adds the post title, some description and a tiny url link to my twitter profile ( while you are there - follow me :) ) I use several tools to pull my blog into my Facebook profile and pages.  The first is the Twitter app that takes my latest twitter post and puts it in my status bar.  The second is the Blog RSS Feeder which imports my new blog posts and third I have the Notes application automatically import my newest blog posts onto my Profile page (  and the NewWard Fan Page ( So - check out Twitterfeed (http://www.twitterfeed/) and some of the handy Facebook applications that enable you to write once and span your social network in the blink of an eye :)

See What’s hot on Twitter with Twist

Many people are trying to figure out just why Twitter is useful.  Twitter is  a micro bloging system where each post is 140 characters that let's your friends (and the rest of the world) know what you are up to at a given moment in time.   It's like text messaging on steroids. There are many applications that take advantage of Twitters API and aggragates information.  Twist helps you to sort through what is being posted on Twitter, which can be quite useful for your marketing.   Let's say I am preparing to write a Real Estate Blog post and I want to know what other people are talking about.  I go to Twist, enter in real estate and graph on the popularity of the term. - the graph shows me the highs and lows for the week (you can also select month or all data). I can then click the link and see what people are talking about in Real Estate I now know that a blog post about real estate values and various commercial deals will be well received - as they are popular topics at the moment. Give it a try :)

Are You Twittering?

What initially seemed like a web site for the nosey (or the really bord) Twitter has become a social networking giant.... How so? A few times a day you can post to your twitter account - let people know what you are up to, what blog you just posted, what product you finished creating, what teleseminar you are currently working on... etc... and it supports links. I have my blog linked to twitter - so when ever I make a new blog post, the title and a link are automatically posted to my twitter account. There are a ton of useful utilites that were created around twitter - heck you can even twitter from your cell phone. So hit and take a look around - while you are there take a look at my twitter click on follow and you'll know what I am up to - you can favorite me too :) Share you twitter link here! Still don't get it - check this out :)

Brand Yourself

While there may be hundreds or thousands of people who share your “job title” there is only one person who does what you do – YOU!   How do you define what you do to others?  How do you make yourself stand out in the crowd? Step 1 – Define your purpose.  What is it that you want to achieve?  What is at the core of who you are?  Once you know (and I do mean KNOW) what your core values are, you will become more passionate about your business.  If you are working only to make money, then you are stuck in the J O B mindset.  If you are working to bring greater meaning and fulfillment to yourself, then the money will follow. Step 2 - Define your market.  How can what you do best serve others?  Who are the people or businesses that can most benefit from your service or product?  Write it down.  Define the characteristics of your perfect customer/client.  See them in your mind. See how you benefit their lives and business by doing what you love to do. Step 3 – Consider giving yourself a new job title.  If you step outside your home or office and throw a rock, odds are you will hit someone who calls themselves a web designer.  While most people tell others I am a web designer, I define myself as a Marketing and Internet Master.  Wouldn’t you rather do business with a Master then with a mere developer?  I don’t simply create web sites and do search engine optimization.  I teach people how to get themselves and their business out there, to be bold, achieve growth, think outside the box, make money and flash [...]

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