Why bother blogging?

There are millions of pages online, why should anyone bother reading yours?  You have opinions, you have had experiences, and you have thoughts and passions… but honestly who cares?   Why should you waste your precious time sharing any of that with anyone?

Let’s think about this in a different way for a second… What happens if you don’t?  What happens to your business, your passions, or your story if you don’t bother to share any of it? 

You are the only one who can light the fire.  You are the only one who has the capacity to generate interest and spread your message and create advocates.  If you don’t tell it like it is, you lose the opportunity for even just one more person to come along and say… YES!!!  I can relate to that – I want that – I want to share in that experience.

None of this is about attracting thousands of people to your web site.  All of this is about you getting your truth out to light the fire of just one person who is so turned on by your message that they are going to go out and get one more person on board, who will get one more person, etc… 

Would you rather try to do business with a thousand people who just don’t get it or one person who understands completely?  That’s why you bother blogging (or should).


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Melissa is not only inspirational and great business support, but when I've had even the smallest technical issues, even on FB, she was a message or phone call away. Nice to have willing ears, to listen and even better when they can translate and communicate, clearly. Can't be taught.

Maria Bortugno, B Designs Interiors

Melissa is a steady business partner who adds knowledage and strength to any organization. She is a pleasure to work with. She encourages you and brings so much social media and web knowledge. If you are unsure of your website, ask Melissa!

Melissa O’Reilly

Melissa manages my company website, and has for several years now. She's very easy to deal with, very fair in her pricing, knows exactly what she's doing, and provides excellent web design services consistently and reliably.

Nancy Baum Delain, Esq