Setting Your Web Site Goals

It’s traditional to approach the New Year with a list of goals.  We set goals for our health, our fitness, our relationships and our finances and business.  When thinking about your business and financial goals consider how a web site can help you achieve them.


Here is how to set clear, definable, trackable web site goals:


What do you want to gain from your web site?

Are you looking for increased exposure, increase sales, get more connections, send out a clearer message?


Know what you want from your web site.  

Try these on for size:

  • My web site will bring in 20 new coaching clients by the end of the second quarter.

  • My web site will sell 10,000 copies of my e-book by July 1st.

  • My web site will clearly show my services to 20,000 new people by the end of the year.

  • My email list will have 6,000 new sign ups by March 1st.

  • My membership web site will have 1,000 new members by November 15th.

Who are you looking to attract?  

What does your audience look like?
What are their income levels, profession, age?
What are their feelings surrounding e-commerce or technology in general?

The WHO will dictate how the web site is laid out, the language you use and the graphic appearance. 

An online clothing store for children will look, feel and sound very different from a site about a self-help ebook.  A site to attract customers for your cleaning services will be vastly different then a site to attract businesses that are looking for marketing help.


How can you help your audience?  


What is it you offer that will prompt your web site visitors to take action?  Identify the problem they have and how you will solve that problem.  Your mission is to create an emotional response from the visitor.  You want them to say “YES – I need that” and hit the buy now or sign me up for your mailing list.


Example:  My mission is to create a web site that will clearly show my audience why Internet Marketing is an important part of their overall Marketing Plan and will generate a new stream of income for them.



You have you goals – now commit to seeing them through.  Reserve one hour each day to your success by promoting your web site, talking about your business, writing in your blog, making connections via MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites.   Keep your goals in front of you so you can review them often.  As you read your goals and see your success you will be inspired into action that will move you forward to accomplishing those goals. 

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