Protecting Your Web Site

Here is the article NewWard wrote for the June issue of Success Magazine

By Melissa Ward, Managing Partner, NewWard Development, LLC™

When developing a web site there are a number of things to take into consideration, chief of which is remembering to ask questions.  Whether you are building your own web site or working with a professional web developer, there are some key answers that you need to be armed with.

Who owns the domain name? 
I purchase the domain names ( for many of my clients, particularly those that host with NewWard.   I do this through my GoDaddy account, therefore GoDaddy defaults all the contact information to NewWard.  I have to go in to manually change the domain registrar information to that of my client.  Why?  According to the law, the entity that is listed as the registrant of the domain name is considered the owner.   The same holds true for hosting companies.  They will often purchase domain names on behalf of their customers and be listed as the registrant.  By visiting you can check on the registrant information of your domain.  The result will look something like this:  

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Melissa is not only inspirational and great business support, but when I've had even the smallest technical issues, even on FB, she was a message or phone call away. Nice to have willing ears, to listen and even better when they can translate and communicate, clearly. Can't be taught.

Maria Bortugno, B Designs Interiors

Melissa is a steady business partner who adds knowledage and strength to any organization. She is a pleasure to work with. She encourages you and brings so much social media and web knowledge. If you are unsure of your website, ask Melissa!

Melissa O’Reilly

Melissa manages my company website, and has for several years now. She's very easy to deal with, very fair in her pricing, knows exactly what she's doing, and provides excellent web design services consistently and reliably.

Nancy Baum Delain, Esq