Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh my.. NOT!

This is a rather uncharacteristic blog post for me, but I just feel the need to get it out.  Go ahead… blast away!

As a very active member of the whole social networking scene, I get asked to digg, stumble, mixx and get out a good number of articles daily.  Recently the popularity of negative, downward spiral blog posts has made me somewhat withdrawn from all of that activity.  I do not want to promote this negative thinking.

Here’s my two cents on this whole “Bail Out”, “Economic Downturn”, “Bank Run” of recent news fame – it’s a load of crap!  What did she just say?  You heard me, it’s a load of crap… now let me tell you why.

First, I do not have on rose colored glasses and I am not sticking my head in the sand.  I honestly believe that we have some profound changes in front of us, but changes for the better.  A mentor once told me that we must go through chaos to achieve change.  Welcome to the chaos folks!

At no time in history has there been a better opportunity to shine.  This phase will weed out the weak and those of you who have true faith in yourselves, your business and your purpose will remain standing.  Now is the time where other businesses need your help, your services, your products, your strength.  Be at the ready to serve those who need you most.

To my Not For Profit clients – now is your opportunity to think out of the box and make a real name for yourselves.  The people who you reach out to by sharing your stories, unveiling your passions and sharing your truth from the heart are going to give you more then you have ever received in the past because they truly believe in your cause.  Shout out your message from the roof tops, Facebook, and anywhere else you can find!

To the Business Start Ups / Entrepreneurs / Sole Proprietors and Small Businesses:  YOU ARE THE BACKBONE OF THE ECONMY.  The monster corporations of the world want you to believe that you are minute and meaningless – nothing could be farther from the truth.  If, for one day, we all converged and made joint purchasing decisions, we would shake down this economy far more then is being done today.  Small business is what makes this economy run and thrive.  We are the extremely powerful force that will make this “financial shift” seem like a small bump in the road.  It is our buying power, our influence, our level of commerce that keeps the energy moving.  It is exactly now, in times like these that taking control of your own financial health is what will keep you ahead of the wave.  Know that you can ride this out, stay on top and create your own success!

I am going to let you in on another little tid bit… it’s not up to the government or anyone else to save, assist, bail out, fix or otherwise do for you or anyone else.  Some of the worse moments in commerce came about as the result of a government deciding to take control of business.  An open free commerce system will ALWAYS correct itself, as we are seeing now.  The rights will be wronged, balance restored and we’ll be on our merry way.  It’s up to you to do for you.  And in doing so, you will lead by example – others will see that faith and their faith will be restored.  You are far more powerful then you give yourselves credit for.

Live your life taking compete 100% personal responsibility for the place you see yourself in today.  No politician is going to fix it – they are just looking for a better job, like most everyone else.   Turn off the televisions, use the newspaper for the fire, or better yet, save a tree & don’t buy one at all.  Live your life to its fullest potential right now.  Be brave, stand strong, believe in your ability to succeed and nothing – no politician, no government, no financial “phase” can deter you from what you have and are moving towards.  Don’t just believe it, know it – it is a fact!

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