Everyone talks about how to get people on your mailing list – but what do you do with them once they are there?

Common practice is to get a big list going then break it down into smaller pieces.

  1. Set up an autoresponder to send out a newsletter to keep in touch with your customers or prospects.
  2. Create a second list with follow up messages in your autoresponder for an “up-sell” product of yours or an affiliate product.
  3. Create a landing page within your web site for that product with a new sign up box that will place interested people on your new list.
  4. When sending out your newsletter, offer free information (a small e-course, free report, etc) on that product, supply the link to your new landing page.
  5. This will place a group of people on your new list. 
  6. The first message people receive is the download link for the report or day 1 of the mini-course.  If you are using a mini course, make sure you send out follow ups within a reasonable time frame – no greater then every 4 days.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

Keep doing this for each market segment you are trying to niche out.  The result will be a higher buy rate since only the people who want that product (or product group) will sign up.  Segment 1 may be interested in weight loss products, segment 2 may be interested in organic facial cleansers – some may be interested in both. 

By breaking your big list down into smaller lists, you are creating your own market niches – which is always easier to sell to, leveraging your time and increasing your income.