Your profile page is the first page anyone sees to get to know you.

Your photo, what is listed in your river and the boxes you have listed there all give out bits of information on the person you are and your business.  Use these tiny pieces of real estate to your advantage.

There is a small section of text under your profile photo that is editable.  Click on the little pencil and your cursor will flash inside the text box.

While it is tempting to put in a nice quote or something sentimental – fill that space up with what you do and who you do it for.  Let people know how you can best serve them right off the bat.  Always feed a potential customers ‘What’s in it for me” mind set by providing them with the answer.  Never leave room for unanswered questions or worse, confusion.  If a prospect feels confused by your message, they will not stick around long enough to ask you twice.

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