I have glanced at Alltop from time to time to skim through the what’s hot section, but never really spent a great deal of time on the site unless I was searching for blogs on a particular subject.  It is a fabulous resource when looking for information on any subject under the sun (and some of those subjects are quite obscure).  Now that I have finally set up my “MyAlltop” page it has become even more useful.  I can now go to my page and skim through blog posts from my favorite blogs and quickly read what I want.

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However, I do have two wishes:

1)  When I was setting up my Alltop list, I was searching to see if a particular blog was listed (in one case I knew it was somewhere in the Alltop directory).  When I went to search for it, my only option was to search by subject not by blog name.  That slowed down my additions. 

2)  When I am logged in, I’d like to see the green check mark next to blogs I already saved to my Alltop page. 

Other then the above, it’s infinatelly more readable the my Google reader and gives me the chance to skim my favorites and stay on top of the latest news.

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