Edit:  Facebook has restored custom landing tabs

Facebook changed the rules again… Fan pages with less then 10,000 fans (likes) can no longer set up a custom landing page for people who are not yet fans.   There are only two choices the Wall tab or the Info Tab.  Tough call – but I vote for the Info tab….Why?  You can still put custom content and hyperlinks into the fields and somewhat direct people on where to go.  While you can not insert graphics, you can control the flow of traffic to an extent.

Adding a link to what WAS your landing page may encourage not yet fans to check out the additional information you are offering.  Let’s keep in mind that we can still have custom tabs and boxes, it’s just no longer the first thing people see when they come to the page.

A second alternative is to set up a custom box on the wall tab that sits right under your fan list so that it is above the fold and obvious to anyone who visits your Page’s wall.

You can still reference your custom tabs in various ways, it will just require some additional strategic thinking.  For example in posts around the web, in your blog, etc you can say Click Here to see our Facebook only specials and send traffic to your fan page to encourage not yet fans to join.

The change does should give you some food for thought… where is your HOME BASE?  Let’s keep in mind that at the end of the day the goal is to funnel all traffic into a particular location (typically your web site) depending on what you are marketing and to whom.  If your goal is to capture Facebook traffic for a particular product or service, then you’ll need to put the extra effort into your Facebook Page to make it work for you (or create a Facebook landing page on your web site).   All in all, not a bad thing, just requires some thinking.

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