Due to the nature of my business I keep myself in the public eye, so to speak, through advertising and marketing online.  I like knowing that I am accessible to my clients and the people / businesses that can gain knowledge and insight into how to better marketing themselves and make them more successful.  It is, without a doubt, something that I am very passionate about.

It is a very different dynamic, however, knowing that there are people out there who track your posts and search for more information on you for malicious purposes.  Looking for dirt?  Trying to get an edge on the competition?  Have nothing better to do?  Jealous?

All of the above?

My advice to any one is, never post anything publicly that you are not willing to share 100% with everyone in your world.   Also – keep in mind that information can be misinterpreted or twisted to sound like something it is not. What’s more fascinating is that someone would actually take the time to do it. 

Better advice – if there is something you actually want to know about me… simply ask.  It is a lot less spineless and you will most assuredly get far more accurate information.