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Hopefully you have had the opportunity to sit in a real radio studio and do a live on air interview. A good host will keep the conversation lively, ask questions, maintain the interest of listener and elicit great information out of you. I had a fabulous time with Lisbeth Calandrino on her Red Hot Customer Service program.  But it doesn’t end there. When you walk out of the studio there are ways to use that interview to garner some online attention as well.

Most studios have digital equipment. This allows them to record and store the interview. Make sure you get a copy.

  1. Break the interview up into 5 – 7 min clips and use them as a pod cast series in your blog.  I use Goldwave. It’s free and does a hell of a job.
  2. Get yourself an itunes account, if you don’t already have one, and submit your feed for a syndicated podcast.
  3. You can use the pre-edited sound clips in your Blog Talk Radio show, just upload them through your control panel.
  4. While at the studio, take pictures of your host, the sound booth and get a few of yourself. You can take those pictures and add the sound for 5 – 7 min videos. Upload them to YouTube and embed them in your blog.

Once the sound file / video file is on any of these networks or your blog, you can share it with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking and book-marking sites, making it viral and giving you more exposure.

Have you done radio interviews?  How did you share your pearls of wisdom online?

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