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Facebook Allows You to Target Content

Did you notice this on your Fan page this morning? The morning following Mark Zuckerberg's open letter to Facebook we have a new icon on Fan Pages that allows you to target a sub-set of your fans.   You can customize who sees your status update, photo, link, etc, by geographic region and language. How is this useful? My first thought is that you can reduce the noise for your fans.  If you are posting a local seminar, odds are your fans across the country are not going to be attending. I suspect this will soon be added to personal profiles, allowing people to show content to only a small group of connections or individual lists of friends. (See how important lists are???) Why it matters: While Facebook promotes the concept of "Open community sharing" the reality is, some people are not comfortable flashing their kids pictures to a thousand connections they may not know.  Other people may be hiding things from the boss (or their spouse?) - oh yeah, this opens up a whole new can of proverbial worms.  How can a Corporate Social Media Policy effectively cover all the "what if's" now?   Corporations don't want employees wasting time online.  If they are marketing on behalf of the company, great, but now, how can that be policed by management if employees can post things without the higher ups being able to see it? With 350 million users, Facebook is the 4th largest "country" in the world.  Like other countries, Facebook has laws - these rules are enforced in an effort to protect the majority.  So, is this new feature designed to help Facebook Users police their own profiles?  Will this reduce abuse or give users an opportunity to abuse the system [...]

7 tips to manage your Facebook Fan Page

Like anything else regarding social media marketing, the key in having a successful Facebook fan page is engagement.  What can you provide your fans with that will keep them coming back and interacting with you and your brand? Status Updates:  Update your status at least daily.  What is your company doing or working on?  Ask your fans a question or if they need help with something specific.  The status updates feed into your fans Facebook home page and helps you to create awareness by keeping you or your company / product name in front of them. Discussions:  Ask questions; create a topic that will spark some feedback.  Don’t be afraid to make people think.  You can also help your fans to become stakeholders by asking their input on a new product or service you have in development.  Find out what attributes would be of benefit to them… and remember to let them know you are listening. Wall:  Set your wall to include posts from you AND your fans.  I visit too many pages that hide fans posts, which gives the appearance that there is no activity or interaction on the page.  People will invest the time in conversing with you if you show them you care enough to share their thoughts with other people in your fan base.   You can always delete anything you consider inappropriate. Notes:  If you write a blog, import the RSS feed into your notes so they are automatically updated when ever you post a new blog.   Notes also offer you the chance expand upon an idea or share your thoughts directly with your fans. Media:  Include the photo & video applications.  Let your fans see who you are, what the [...]

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