The first thing you need to know about the new Facebook Fan Pages is that they are open to the public.  People no longer need to be a member of Facebook to be able to see your business / organization’s fan page.  This, in my opinion, is a fabulous upgrade.  If you do not have a web site, or have a static web site, the Facebook Fan page now offers you the opportunity to create a dynamic space on the web.

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Notice how much fan pages now look like personal profile pages.  The tabs, a wall, an info tab and the ability to add other tabs at your discretion (four more tabs will be visible).  The Wall Tab, Info Tab and remaining tabs all have their own unique URL, which allows you to promote a section at a time.  If you are holding an event and post it on your Facebook Fan Page, you can send people to that link if you do not have a calendar on your own site.

The Stream Tab contains only information that the you (the administrator) has posted.  The Wall tab is a time line of activity from the administrator and fans.  The info tab gives you the ability to add detail.  Be a little creative here, expand on your “why” for doing business.  Give your fans and visitors greater insight into who you are and why you do what you do.

If you upload photos (hey why not) you can now tag them.  This gives you the ability to “touch” your fans like you’ve not had before.  Personalize the experience for them as much as possible by adding your fans names to any photos you post.   You can also post notes, links, add events and a discussion board (much the same way you do for groups), and video.  The exciting part is, when you post any of the above items, it does not show up on your personal profile, but rather under the business profile.  That means that you can now create activity on your Fan Page that will get listed in your fans’ homepage, thereby constantly putting your brand in front of them!

One of the biggest changes is the status update for the fan page.  You can update your Fan Page’s status the exact same way that you update your own.  Word of caution here…. avoid being spammy.   Since fan’s can comment on your status, use it as a conversation starter…. ask questions, offer tips and insights – remember the ultimate goal is to engage, educate & share to create advocates, those who talk about your brand and investors, those who feel they are a part of the brand (they have a stake).

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