Take a second and scootch over to YouTube.  In the search box type in unboxing.

What you will get back is a bunch of people who recorded themselves opening items they just purchased.  Everything from a laptop to ipods to Guitar hero.

This is a prime example of how users in the web 2.0 world help other users.  How many times have you purchased an item wishing you knew what was included in the package prior to owning it?  Well – here you go…  We normally research a product before buying, for example televisions.  What is the best out there?  What is the most affordable?  Picture Quality, longevity, reputation, etc…  Now – YouTube can offer you the opportunity to see what’s in the box before you set foot in the store.

I know – you are asking… what’s the big deal?  I am so glad you asked 🙂

People are talking about their favorite brands, the stuff they love, the items that are on the top of the “I want” lists – and they are doing it for free, for the fun of it, because they WANT to.  This is Word of Mouth Marketing, corporate advocacy (or alienation depending on the outcome) at its finest.

Now – how do you get people to Unbox you, your product, your service?  People love to talk, now you want them to talk about you – your products and services.  Offer them something unique, offer them the opportunity to be heard.  When consumers know that they are being listened to, they feel like they have a stake in the outcome or development of your product.  Those that have that sense of ownership will not only be more loyal buyers, they will also be more then willing to talk about your company, product and service.

So – go get Unboxed… or at least talked about and be sure to listen.