The start of a new year always suggests boundless possibilities and a wealth of opportunities. Here are ten things worth taking into consideration as you plan your digital marketing for the calendar year ahead – some are trends, some are observations, some have predictions attached to them and, yes, some are things we think are important and would dearly love to see in our ever-evolving industry.

Ten digital marketing trends for 2008 are:

  1. Social media will grow up: as social media and social networks come of age, so will marketing in this realm.
  2. Wise marketers will become “channel agnostic”: develop a marketing strategy with clear goals and then decide how best to achieve them
  3. Content will receive renewed focus: more digital users are connecting more often and they want something to do…
  4. Mobile will move beyond the cellphone: it will permeate everything from commerce to news and messaging to maps.
  5. Corporate Social Investment will remain a focus: plan it wisely and resent it well.
  6. The year of analytics: measurability has never been easier – or more important
  7. Open source will move beyond just software: it’s time for “open source thinking”
  8. Bandwidth: there will be good news, and there will be bad news.
  9. Search engine marketing: it is here to stay – understand it and use it.
  10. New market segments will open up: kids, “silver surfers” and tweens lead the way.

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