You’ve heard the phrase… Freedom isn’t free.

Sex isn’t free either.

Both take time, physical resources and an emotional investment.

Social Media Marketing isn’t free either.  Just because there is no cash exchange doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost you to participate in Social Media Marketing.

Assume you make $100 per hour.  Assume you spend 5 hours online a week investing in the conversation.  That’s $2000 a month you are spending.  Are you making that money back?

Yes, it takes time to build a community…

Yes, it takes time to listen, learn, be involved with the people you want to reach…

But if you don’t have a plan, if you don’t have goals… if you are not measuring your cost, you have no idea if any of it is working!

  • Plan
  • Set Goals
  • Track
  • Rinse and repeat

What say you?