Sharing on social media Isn’t for cowards.

It’s easy to share your about yourself or your opinions when you are hanging out with a close group of friends.  Even if they disagree with you, odds are the conversation will be fairly respectful (maybe a few friendly digs) but you will get your point across and no one will be bleeding.

Sharing on social media Isn’t for cowards. To do so in the Social Media channels can potentially be a risk.  You don’t know who will see it, or how they will respond to it.

It doesn’t even have to be an opinion – Social Media is filled with misunderstood ad campaigns that simply pissed someone or some group off and a firestorm ensued.

Do it anyway.

I don’t mean go out there and intentionally start pissing people off, or to get into a massive political debate, as we saw in the last presidential election.  But I do mean to share your truth – share a post that is all YOU.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of massage therapists, accountants, life coaches, etc who all share the same thing.   The differentiator in your business is you.  No one does exactly what you do in the way you do it.  More importantly, no one gets the same exact joy by doing what you do…. share that.   Share the experience of doing business with you so you will stand out from the hundreds of others.

The differentiator in your business is you.

I have a lot of competition in my industry – and I don’t mind it.  It keeps me sharp and quite frankly honest to myself, to my clients, and to my community.  I share what I do, how I do it, and why I do it, differently than my competition does, and that helps improve the experience and gives me a lot of great things to talk about.   I  like being a cheerleader for my clients, I love the fact that they trust me and feel comfortable in our relationship to share with me things that extend beyond my “simply doing their social media marketing“.   I help them plan, think things through and brainstorm ideas to go further than they thought they could.  It’s fun.

So – go out there and share something about yourself that your community may not know about you.  Share something that is really you – sure it takes a little courage, but the risk is worth the reward.

Let me know what you try and what the results are.