Many people are trying to figure out just why Twitter is useful.  Twitter is  a micro bloging system where each post is 140 characters that let’s your friends (and the rest of the world) know what you are up to at a given moment in time.   It’s like text messaging on steroids.

There are many applications that take advantage of Twitters API and aggragates information.  Twist helps you to sort through what is being posted on Twitter, which can be quite useful for your marketing.   Let’s say I am preparing to write a Real Estate Blog post and I want to know what other people are talking about.  I go to Twist, enter in real estate and graph on the popularity of the term. – the graph shows me the highs and lows for the week (you can also select month or all data).

I can then click the link and see what people are talking about in Real Estate

I now know that a blog post about real estate values and various commercial deals will be well received – as they are popular topics at the moment.

Give it a try 🙂