Organize your incoming emails in Outlook

A simple tip that is often forgotten:  Have your incoming mail sorted in folders for logical reading and storing (if need be).

I never really thought about organizing my emails until I had to.  With upwards of 150 emails a day coming in for business, business associations and community organizations I am involved in, I was forced to organize them in a coherent way.   I also receive a lot of notifications from the various Social Networks I am a member of and the News Alerts I have set up for my business.

I use Outlook.  I created rules (Tools, Rules & Alerts) based on the sender, message subject or incoming email address.   As the message comes in, it goes into the appropriate folder for me to read when I can. 

I have folders for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Rotary, Business Associations and News Alerts for email to be “auto-filed” into.  I have a client folder that is further broken down by client name that I manually sort.  The same holds true for college information for my daughter and school notifications for either of my girls. 

My inbox has had as many as 1100 emails in it.   Currently I am down to a little under 600… most of which should be sorted into a sub-folder, but that is a task for another day.  At least I am one step closer and learning to practice OHIO = Only Handle It Once J

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Melissa is not only inspirational and great business support, but when I've had even the smallest technical issues, even on FB, she was a message or phone call away. Nice to have willing ears, to listen and even better when they can translate and communicate, clearly. Can't be taught.

Maria Bortugno, B Designs Interiors

Melissa is a steady business partner who adds knowledage and strength to any organization. She is a pleasure to work with. She encourages you and brings so much social media and web knowledge. If you are unsure of your website, ask Melissa!

Melissa O’Reilly

Melissa manages my company website, and has for several years now. She's very easy to deal with, very fair in her pricing, knows exactly what she's doing, and provides excellent web design services consistently and reliably.

Nancy Baum Delain, Esq