Recently I decided to remove a Facebook Group.

Apparently so have a lot of other people, all of whom are having a hard time.  There was no simple button to push so I did some digging, and this is what I found:

To delete a Facebook group

A lowercase f with a rectangle underneath. Sim...

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Click on groups (or use this link
  3. Click on Groups you admin
  4. Select the group you want to remove
  5. Remove ALL members by tapping on each member name and clicking delete
  6. Remove all other admins
  7. Remove yourself
  8. Facebook will remove automatically delete the empty group

From Facebook “Note that if you were not the first admin and creator of this group, you will not be able to delete the group unless the group creator has left it voluntarily.

This is a chore if your group has a lot of members.  I find it surprising that Facebook has no easy method for selecting multiple members (or all members) in a group to remove them.  On the other hand, I presume that Facebook wants us to use groups with care.

The alternative is to archive a group.  By archiving a group:

  • it is not searchable
  • new members can not join
  • no one can post to the group

The action is reversible.  So, if you no longer want to administer a group with 1,000 plus members, the “easiest” thing to do is archive it.

archive a facebook groupTo archive a group:

  • Log into Facebook
  • Click on groups
  • Click on Groups you admin
  • Select the group you want to remove
  • Click More below the cover photo.
  • Select Archive Group.
  • Click Confirm.

I don’t know why Facebook has a one button “delete fan page” but not the same for groups.