You’ve seen one fan page, you’ve seen them all – right? 


Facebook Fan pages can be customized to give your fans (and not yet fans) an experience that is unique to your business and style.

First step is to give fans and not yet fans two seperate landing pages on your Fan Page.  

Go to your page, click on settings (just under the “What’s on your mind?” box)

Set your default view to “Posts by Page and Fans” – this lets people see who you are conversing with.

Then select a page that will be informative for your “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else:” drop down.  I used the “Static FBML” application to create a Welcome Page for people who are not yet fans and direct newcomers to this page.  I ask them to join in the conversation by becoming a fan.  Soon – I will be using the same application for Fan Only offerings. 

 I also use the Events app to announce seminars and trainings, the video application to show recorded seminars, the photo application for the portfolio, and the Discussion Board to encourage conversation.  I also use the Profile HTML for my Opt in List (see How to use Profile HTML).

Facebook offers the opportunity to customize your visitors experience – take advantage of that by branding yourself and encouraging new people to join in on the fun!

What applications have you found useful on your fan page?


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