Social Networking feels like a time consuming task to most of my clients.  I find myself spending a lot of time talking with people (clients or not) who just want some answers or at least an inkling as to the benefits of the time invested in the tools.    Through my activity on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I answer a lot of questions.  I figure if I have something worth sharing that is of value to others, then I am more then happy to do just that. 

Almost everyone says “Thank You” but on a rare occasion someone goes above and beyond the standard Thank You and completely surprises me.  Today I had such a moment.   Gary Jamerson  the renown watch designer and principle of After 8 Media and said Thank You in an extraordinary way….  I am honored by the write up… Gary, thank YOU!  There is nothing more satisfying then knowing that I was of help to you and your business!

For Gary’s write up – visit here and here

What a GREAT way to start the day!

What surprises have you gotten as a result of helping someone or sharing your knowledge?  How have you said Thank You to someone who has helped you?  Please comment and let me know.


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