As I’ve posted before – we’re in the process of writing a book about “go getters” people who found their passion , embraced it, and started a business with it… or at least has landed on the path to fulfillment.
I love talking to people who have stories to share about their journey…so I’ve started a radio program devoted to those people.  If you would like to be on my new live radio broadcast – then please send me 10 questions you want me to ask you and I will send you an outline of what we cover….


Listeners have the opportunity to im chat or call in to ask questions.
It is 

great FREE publicity for you, a motivational tool for others and a lot of fun for me!

Things I cover:

  • What is your passion?
  • How did you come to discover your passion?
  • What are you doing to fulfill your passion?
  • You can talk about your business, a volunteer activity you do or anything that is inspirational to other Entrepreneurs.

I am tweeking time slots – but currenlt using Wednesdays at 4 pm.

  • Wednesday May 28th at 4 pm with guest Larry Hochman