The idea of Social Networking is to open yourself up to new connections.  We go online to meet and greet new people, potential customers / clients and create new partnerships / JV opportunities, etc. 

Months ago Facebook came under heavy criticism when they opened up profiles and created news feeds so your friends can see what you’ve been doing on Facebook.  Facebook responded by giving users greater control over what groups of people can see what information.  This allows you to expose (or not) yourself to the extent with which you are comfortable.

Log into Facebook. 
Click on Privacy

As you can see – I have a list of people that can not see much, they are in the “Limited Profile” Group.  You can create groups and sort your friends by relationship (or lack thereof) to ensure that only certain people see certain things.

Through this screen you can set your profile, your updates, your personal info, etc. to be seen by particular groups you define.  Suppose you only want friends to see your updates?  Click the drop down next to Status Updates and change it to Friends. 

My personal information is set to only allow Friends to see my email and contact info and I block specific people from seeing my personal information even if they are in my friends list 

Make any changes you deem necessary and click ok.  Then Click Save.

Click on the Contact tab to control who sees what specific contact information in your profile.

Use the drop downs to set the level of privacy you are comfortable with.

If you want even greater control – click on Edit Custom Settings next to one of your contact fields, I have chosen Land Phone.  I clicked on the “Some Friends” tab and can now type the names of the people who I want to see this information. 

Click on Okay when you are done.

When done – Click on Save Settings and you are all set!

You have complete control over what you allow people to see.  Your privacy settings should be set to your own comfort level, even if you are on Facebook to network and gain exposure for your business.