While there may be hundreds or thousands of people who share your “job title” there is only one person who does what you do – YOU!  

How do you define what you do to others?  How do you make yourself stand out in the crowd?

Step 1 – Define your purpose.  What is it that you want to achieve?  What is at the core of who you are?  Once you know (and I do mean KNOW) what your core values are, you will become more passionate about your business.  If you are working only to make money, then you are stuck in the J O B mindset.  If you are working to bring greater meaning and fulfillment to yourself, then the money will follow.

Step 2 – Define your market.  How can what you do best serve others?  Who are the people or businesses that can most benefit from your service or product?  Write it down.  Define the characteristics of your perfect customer/client.  See them in your mind. See how you benefit their lives and business by doing what you love to do.

Step 3 – Consider giving yourself a new job title.  If you step outside your home or office and throw a rock, odds are you will hit someone who calls themselves a web designer.  While most people tell others I am a web designer, I define myself as a Marketing and Internet Master. 

Wouldn’t you rather do business with a Master then with a mere developer? 

I don’t simply create web sites and do search engine optimization.  I teach people how to get themselves and their business out there, to be bold, achieve growth, think outside the box, make money and flash themselves into the public eye with reckless abandon because they are THAT great!  I am my clients’ biggest cheerleader and show them how to brand themselves successfully.  I do this via my blog, seminars, one on one consultations and web development work.  As a result, I’ve been called a “Thought Leader”, “Marketing Guru” and if you talk to Larry Hochman – I am Melissa F-ing Ward… cause he loves me that much

You can do the same exact thing with the confidence that you have no competition – because you are the only you on the planet.  And there is NOONE who can do exactly what you do.

Now get out there – and do it!