Book Bonuses

Welcome!  If you’re here that means you’ve purchase one of our social media planners.  Below you will find some ideas on how to best use the planers and leverage social media for your business.

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Bonus Content

Understanding how to write measurable goals is important to implementing your strategy. Download this sheet to learn more about goals, social media audits, and some of our favorite free tools.

Advantages of Scheduling Posts:

Take time once a week to plan your posts. Once you start writing, you’ll find yourself creating themes from week to week that help keep your audience engaged.  You will be in the right mindset – so just let it flow.

Use a scheduling tool to schedule your entire week across social channels. I use Metricool (affiliate link) as it lets me schedule to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, Google Business, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest as well as connect ad accounts for a fraction of the cost of other tools. Add in the beautiful reporting features and it’s a home run.

Easy Graphic Creations

Not everyone is a graphic designer.  For those of you that need to maintain branding, and want to work with a powerful, yet simple tool, Canva is the way to go. To be honest, even graphic designers use it.  Here is what I love about it: After creating a week or more worth of content, I hop over to Canva and create a design for each post that needs one.  I start off with an Instagram square and can resize it to whatever other social networks I need it for with only some minor tweaks. 

Want to up your video game?  Import a video you have created into a Story template and you’ll be amazed at how you can sass up even the simplest video.