Best Buys “” employee social networking site is an excellent example for other corporations to follow.  The site has resulted in not only greater employee participation in marketing and management, but has reduced employee turnover, increased participation in the company’s 401K plan and given the employees a place to hang out and discuss anything they want.

Many large corporations have grappled with how to effectively implement Social Networking into their culture.  Best Buy’s success is due to the fact that they allow their employees to discuss anything they want from Nascar to store management policies.  Employees have embraced the social networking site which operates much like Facebook, allowing employees to create web pages, insert photos and join in discussion groups and forums. 

Best Buy’s bottom-up approach fueled the success of BlueShirt Nation and made it a stand-out example of how to use social networking within a corporate environment, said Josh Bernoff co-author of Groundswell a book that focuses on how companies use “Web 2.0” technologies effectively.