A friend of mine is remodeling her kitchen.  Let’s call her Sherry.  Now Sherry has put a great deal of thought into the “perfect kitchen”, she saw it in her mind before it became a reality. The perfect red cherry hardwood floor, matching cabinets, granite counter tops, molded sink and of course, the top of the line appliances.

Well… said appliances were brought into the house, unfortunately not strapped down properly and dropped and slid across the new hardwood floor.  To add fuel to the fire – the guys who made the error were nasty, rude and said – “Eh… the company will pay for it”… slammed the fridge into its corner and went on their merry way.  Sherry sat on the couch and cried after they left… her dream kitchen damaged before she could even use it.

Now – the appliance company will pay… but due to their employees behavior lost her as a future customer and every single person she’s told. 

I’ll refrain from naming them here – but it is tempting and it would be a good lesson for them