What initially seemed like a web site for the nosey (or the really bord) Twitter has become a social networking giant….

How so?

A few times a day you can post to your twitter account – let people know what you are up to, what blog you just posted, what product you finished creating, what teleseminar you are currently working on… etc… and it supports links.

I have my blog linked to twitter – so when ever I make a new blog post, the title and a link are automatically posted to my twitter account.

There are a ton of useful utilites that were created around twitter – heck you can even twitter from your cell phone.

So hit www.twitter.com and take a look around – while you are there take a look at my twitter http://twitter.com/newward click on follow and you’ll know what I am up to – you can favorite me too 🙂

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Still don’t get it – check this out 🙂