When I was a kid there was a commercial on TV about an electronics store called Crazy Eddie’s.  Eddie would get on my screen and start screaming at me to visit his store because he had the best prices around.  I recoiled from the television thinking this loud, insane man was going to come popping out and grab me.

In Social Networking – I’ve noticed the same trend.  There are people out there that are screaming at me to buy their product, try their service without even taking the time to ask me if I need them.  Now – when I train businesses, I do tell them to find or create the need – but I emphasize to do so with some finesse.

Like offline marketing, marketing on Social Networking sites entail having a conversation, building a relationship and taking the time to get to know the community.  It’s a “pull” marketing model.  Pull people in with your information, via interactions – giving away information to see who bites and wants to know more.

In our current business environment – the consumer has the power.  The power to say yes or no, the power to post a review, make decision, they take the bull by the horns and decide for themselves if you are someone they want to get to know and do business with.  The new Gen Y consumer shuts the door on loud sales pitches and is too cynical to want to know you if you are constantly pitching them.  The market dictates the need.  It is your job to determine how to translate that need and get your product / service out there to satisfy it.

Gone are the days of store owners screaming in your face to convince you to come in.  And thank God for that!