By adding a like button to your web site, you allow Facebook users to share your content on their Facebook Wall.

Like buttons outside of Facebook work the same as they do within Facebook.  When a user clicks the like button, the link to the “liked” page appears on their wall.   The idea, of course, is to encourage Facebook users to share more outside content with the Facebook Community.

It works for you, as it gives you the opportunity to get more viral hits from the Facebook community.

Goto Facebook’s Social Plug in’s page and select “Like Button”:

Enter in the URL of the page you want the button to appear on:  I used to put a Like button on this blog.

You can customize the appearance settings,  I made the button narrower at 300 px.

You can also change the word “Like” to “Recommend

Click on get code

I used the iFrame Code and plugged it into the sidebar of the blog (see upper right)

You can have your web developer add the button to static web pages, or any where on your web site.

And Boom!  Instant Like Button 🙂

Give it a try.  Let me know how you make out…. any place else you’d put a “Like” button?