Green America Certified Website hosting

Earth Friendly Website Hosting

ENERGY STAR Rated Colocation  –  Zero carbon footprint, 100% renewable resources

Server Monitoring

Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our monitoring stations are setup to query our servers every 5 minutes and report any problems to our administrators.

Daily Backups

As a value added service for our customers, all our servers utilize a continuous data protection service which takes a snapshot of your data and stores it in our storage area network array. In the event of a data loss, unintentional or accidental, we are able to restore our data from backups.

We offer website hosting packages to meet the needs of small business to enterprise level.  Custom website hosting packages are available.

$15.99 / mo
Daily backups
Disk Quota: 250 mb
Monthly Bandwidth: 1000
Email Accounts: 5
Databases: 3
$24.99 / mo
Daily backups
Disk Quota: 1000 mb
Monthly Bandwidth: 2500
Email Accounts: 15
Databases: 20
$35.99 / mo
Daily backups
Disk Quota: 2000 mb
Monthly Bandwidth: 5000
Email Accounts: 15
Databases: 20
$57.99 / mo
Daily backups
Disk Quota: 5000 mb
Monthly Bandwidth: 20000
Email Accounts: 25
Databases: 25

Pay Annually

$190 / year
$299 / year
$430 / year
$695 / year
  • Custom and Reseller hosting packages are available, starting at $100 / month – please contact us for more details
  • Dedicated IP’s available at $15 / month
  • SSL’s available starting at $150 / year

website hosting

energy-star website hostingCool stuff about our web hosting servers:

  • Dual Intel E3 1230 Quadcores with 16 GB RAM each
  • Both are running hardware RAID 10 using 6gb/s drives.
  • We run CentOS 6, 64bit with cPanel.

These are placed behind a Coyote Point hardware load balancer for 100% for http/https/dns load balancing and fail over to provide 100% up time.

We run MySQL replication to keep databases between the two servers in sync.  We also have the ability to add new servers into our cluster on the fly without any downtime, should we ever need additional memory or processing power (which we have not come close to needing yet).

Fully monitored by staff 24/7 to ensure any issues are resolved prior to having any customer impact. We are also running multiple backup schedules to a remote backup server for disaster recovery and the always important “just in case.”

On the infrastructure level, we run redundant power with battery backup and an on site generator. Our network is fully redundant using HSRP on the hardware level. We peer with multiple fiber providers to provide the best possible network performance and 100% uptime.

Do you care about being “Green”? We have partnered with one of the only Energy Star certified data centers in the country, 100% powered by fully renewable power resources, hydroelectric and solar on the roof.