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How to Make the Most of your Linked in Profile

By Melissa Ward, Managing Partner of NewWard Development, LLC 518-899-5855     Have you visited Linked in,  Linked in connects you with people that you know, also known as your immediate sphere of influence.  Through those connections you can see who your friends, also known as connections, are connected to.  Linked in tracts your 1st, 2nd and 3rd level connections and shows you how your network of connections grows as you add more people to you list. What is important with Linked in is that you are only adding people you know, friends, business acquaintances, associates, people who are members of the same civic or business group, etc. As you look at the list of people that you know and they list of people that they know… and so on… you can see how your reach has expanded. On your home page of Linked in, you have a feed to track updates and changes with-in your network.  Anytime one of your connections adds a connection, you can see it on your profile (this varies with the privacy settings the user sets).  If one of your connections updates their profile, uploads a photo, lists a job or participates in other Linked in components, it is listed in your feed.    Recently I was contacted by one of my connections who requested an introduction to another connection I have.   She sent me a note making the request; with the note to be forwarded to the individual she was hoping I’d introduce her to.  I read the note and forwarded her request to the connection.  I have not heard yet, but I am sure they will be a good opportunity there for both Linked in members. [...]

Are you on YouTube?

Do you have digital camcorder?  If so, put it to work for you!  A 2 or 3 min. video will let your potential customers get to know your face and voice.  Talk to them, share your insights with them and reap the benefits of “putting yourself out there” in public.  If you do any presentation or seminar work, put the camcorder on a tripod and tape it.  Upload portions of it to YouTube.  Again - people now have the opportunity to see and hear you… talk about making a connection! Go to, create an account.  Now take it one step further - create a channel.  Make sure you come up with a good user name, something that reflects your business or videos as it will be used in all references within YouTube. Once your channel is set up - put your videos in the play list.  You now have your own url to direct people to from your web site.   See mine here Good Luck! Here's an excerpt from a presentation I did at SCORE in Albany [youtube 5sn9uJPzE1Y]