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Social Networking Sites for Book Lovers

For the love of books! What is wonderful about social networking is virtually gathering with a group of interesting people and discussing interesting things.  If you love book clubs, talking about the latest novel or self help book you have read, then the below sites are perfect for you.  Explore, poke around, find a niche of people who celebrate books as much as you do. If any of these sites are no longer working, please let me know.  I try to keep track of them, but life can get in the way. - a social networking site for book lovers - A community of users from over 130 countries who exchange books with each other at public places like cafes, parks etc. - An interesting concept where users can exchange books with others through points. Users gain points when they give books to others. Book Talk -  a thriving book discussion forum, online reading group or book club.  From the web site "We read and talk about both fiction and non-fiction books as a community. Our forums are open to anyone in the world. While discussing books is our passion we also have active forums for talking about poetry, short stories, writing and authors. Our general discussion forum section includes forums for discussing science, religion, philosophy, politics, history, current events, arts, entertainment and more. We hope you join us! " GoodReads - GoodReads is a book reader’s community enabling members to review, share books they have been reading. Lit Lovers - for lovers of literature (of course) - Users can share books among each other and only pay for the delivery charges. Reading Group Choices - Reading Group Choices partners with publishers, independent bookstores, public libraries, [...]

All Sizzle no Fire

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) It is freezing in the north east but a good fire will increase the temperature in my house my 10 degrees.  I bought a face cord of cherry wood 2 weeks ago that came in damp, but I figured if it sat in the garage, it would dry out in time. I figured wrong. I tried to make a fire when temperatures here hit -10 and I got a little of sizzling but no fire.  The wood refused to burn.   I tried splitting it (imagine me with an ax!) , adding kindling, paper, basically grabbed everything I could get my hands on to get a fire burning - but the wood would not ignite at all. I was exhausted with the effort and finally, I just gave up - cranked the thermostat up and sat down annoyed and discouraged. From the emails and questions I've been getting, this is the way a lot of you feel about the efforts you've been putting into social media.  So, I've decided to do develop something I've been thinking about for a number of years - The Social Networking Masters Class. [Tweet "Get the fire going in your Social Media by attending"] All the classes are online, they incorporate text, screen shots and videos to help you get the fire cranking in your Social media efforts.  Once you master these techniques, know how to create goals and measure success, you will go from sizzle to fire in a short period of time. I look forward to seeing you in the Social Networking Masters Class!  

An evening with Peter Shankman: Inaugural Social Media Club of Tech Valley Event

The big take aways: Transparency Relevance / Ask your audience how they want to receive information Brevity / Learn to write Top of mind Sponsored in part by NewWard Development, LLC. Visit the Social Media Club of  Tech Valley to learn more or visit us on Facebook! Related articles Come meet Peter Shankman at Union College ( Social media | you can't buy friends or loyalty ( Facebook's New Profiles - A Shot through the Heart of LinkedIn? (

Updates to Facebook’s Privacy Policy

Facebook has updated their privacy policy and statement of rights and responsibilities once again.  Nothing really struck me as "big" when I read through them.  As a matter of fact, they were quite clean and more transparent then I've seen in the past.  Here are a few highlights: " Even after you remove information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that information may remain viewable elsewhere to the extent it has been shared with others, it was otherwise distributed pursuant to your privacy settings, or it was copied or stored by other users" Translation:  It's important to note that if you post something then remove it, or even delete your account - that post may still exist.  Lesson:  Don't post anything that can bite you later or that potentially compromises your own copyrights. "we do not own or operate the applications or websites that use Facebook Platform. That means that when you use those applications and websites you are making your Facebook information available to someone other than Facebook." "When you connect with an application or website it will have access to General Information about you. The term General Information includes your and your friends’ names, profile pictures, gender, connections, and any content shared using the Everyone privacy setting." "If your friend connects with an application or website, it will be able to access your name, profile picture, gender, user ID, and information you have shared with “everyone.” It will also be able to access your connections, except it will not be able to access your friend list" Translation:  When you play a game, take a quiz, use an application - it collects demographic information about you AND your friends.  If you have specifically blocked [...]

Noticeable Changes to Facebook are Coming Your Way

Facebook has begun to roll out their new design. 3 things I love about it The search bar will be centered across the top of the screen, giving it more prominence.  I find the search bar invaluable to quickly jump from page to page or profile to profile and hope its new location will encourage smarter use. The left side bar will be more useful Your bookmarks will be on the left hand side You can update your status from anywhere.  Your status “bar” will be on the left hand side, giving you access to update your status anywhere in Facebook. Notifications, requests and message icons will be at the top of the page.  (See Mashable's screen shots here)  Having these as drop downs will ease readability. Other changes include, a smaller chat bar, which I am not sure how I feel about.  If it makes it more browser friendly or mobile friendly, I am all for it. The account log in / out function has been rolled into a single account drop down. According to Techcrunch, applications are taking the biggest hit as they will no longer be able to publish notifications. What are your thoughts on the "new" Facebook look?

Facebook’s Privacy Settings – what’s the fuss about?

Let's start off with what the purpose of Facebook is: "Facebook is not just a website. It is also a service for sharing your information on Facebook-enhanced applications and websites." Facebook wants you to share.  Facebook encourages you to share.  If you do not want to share, why are you on Facebook? Having said that... Facebook has done a lot to give you control over the information you can share, but it has also opened some doors or "privacy holes". First step - MAKE LISTS!!!   (Friends -> All Friends -> Create New List) Lists are the most powerful, yet underutilized tool on Facebook! If you want to control who sees what information, making Friends lists is more critical now then it ever has been before.  A list will allow you to create wall posts, post up pictures, etc... and select who gets to see them.    The first list you want to pay attention to is "Limited Profile".   That's where you put the people you don't know or have not assessed their "value" to your network yet.  I have a lot of people in my Limited Profile list.  They can not post to my wall, they can not see my personal photos and they are very limited as to what contact information they can see on my Info tab. Next - go to your privacy settings:  Settings ->  Privacy Settings ->  Profile Information This is where you can set all your default settings.  List who can see what information here.  I customize most of my settings by using the lists I created.   The same applies to your Contact information (Settings ->Privacy Settings -> Contact) You can also control who can search for you and whether or not you [...]

Facebook: Spoof Email virus attack

According to MX Lab - there is an email going around stating that Facebook has reset your login information.  Delete it - it's a spoof. As I was reading the MX Lab post - I got this in my email.. Talk about timing! According to All Facebook "This virus only appears to work on Windows computers as it runs an executable file when downloaded. Spoofing official emails from large companies is a pretty standard method for spammers and you should always avoid any email which asks you to download a file. For those that are unaware, we thought it would be useful to keep you up to date about this latest virus." Stay aware! [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

What can a Facebook Fan Page do for your business?

Facebook fan pages (a.k.s Public Profile Pages) are a special space within Facebook that is dedicated to your business.  It acts like a small, but very powerful web site.  These pages are easily shared among members of Facebook.  Public profiles are also indexed by the search engines and easily viewed by anyone on the Internet. Through the Insights, you can drill down and see the demographics of your fans.  What percent are male vs. female, age groups, what cities are they located in and predominant language.  You can also see what your post quality score is.  Post quality measures how engaging your posts have been to Facebook users over a seven-day window.  Your Post Quality is determined by the percentage of your fans that engage when you post content to your Page. It is calculated on a rolling seven-day basis. The number of stars depends on how your Post Quality compares to similar Pages (for example, Pages that have a similar number of fans.) Engaging fans through your page entails providing relevant, engaging information that encourages participation.  Ask questions, offer the opportunity for your fans to provide feedback.  Allow fans to post questions and interact with your business.   Status updates, notes, wall posts, photos, videos, all flow into the news feed, keeping your fans abreast of the latest updates to your page.  Providing engaging content is the best way to get fans to interact with your page.  Custom tabs and boxes can be created to further engage your fans and encourage new fans to join.  You can offer Facebook only promotions, fan only specials or simply show your fans the goods and services you offer through a custom tab or box.  Using eye catching graphics [...]

7 tips to manage your Facebook Fan Page

Like anything else regarding social media marketing, the key in having a successful Facebook fan page is engagement.  What can you provide your fans with that will keep them coming back and interacting with you and your brand? Status Updates:  Update your status at least daily.  What is your company doing or working on?  Ask your fans a question or if they need help with something specific.  The status updates feed into your fans Facebook home page and helps you to create awareness by keeping you or your company / product name in front of them. Discussions:  Ask questions; create a topic that will spark some feedback.  Don’t be afraid to make people think.  You can also help your fans to become stakeholders by asking their input on a new product or service you have in development.  Find out what attributes would be of benefit to them… and remember to let them know you are listening. Wall:  Set your wall to include posts from you AND your fans.  I visit too many pages that hide fans posts, which gives the appearance that there is no activity or interaction on the page.  People will invest the time in conversing with you if you show them you care enough to share their thoughts with other people in your fan base.   You can always delete anything you consider inappropriate. Notes:  If you write a blog, import the RSS feed into your notes so they are automatically updated when ever you post a new blog.   Notes also offer you the chance expand upon an idea or share your thoughts directly with your fans. Media:  Include the photo & video applications.  Let your fans see who you are, what the [...]

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