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Are you on YouTube?
December 10, 2007

Do you have digital camcorder?  If so, put it to work for you!  A 2 or 3 min. video will let… Continue Reading Are you on YouTube?

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Social Media Optimization
November 20, 2007

Most Internet users have heard of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) but the new “buzz word” in the Internet Marketing world is… Continue Reading Social Media Optimization

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MySpace joins Google’s OpenSocial
November 1, 2007

Google announced today that MySpace has joined OpenSocial.  MySpace is in good company, other social networking sites currently in OpenSocial include… Continue Reading MySpace joins Google’s OpenSocial

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Email Marketing: Newsletters and Promotions
August 1, 2007

If you have a small marketing budget, or are looking for an effective yet low cost way or marking your web… Continue Reading Email Marketing: Newsletters and Promotions

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